Since its founding in 2016, grevsky has been the market leader of bespoke Contemporary art objects. Contemporary art collector and founder, Seth Stolbun, together with Contemporary artist, William Powhida, saw the opportunity to build the first truly new art production and sales model since the mid–nineteenth century. Starting with its first exhibition hosted by The Stolbun Collection in its former Chicago project space, grevsky sought to turn back the clock on the Contemporary art world. grevsky's founders believed that to move forward, they needed to look backward to the time when European guild and academy systems created some of the world’s most cherished masterpieces. Combining the best ideas from Powhida’s 2014 Overculture, grevsky sought to make collecting and finding the best art an easy decision. No longer do our collectors meander through the overcrowded, murky waters of the early, twenty-first century Contemporary art market.


We are proud to present our Winter 2019 collection. It is the largest and most diverse collection of bespoke Contemporary art objects ever produced using only the finest materials and artists available, as only grevsky can. We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do and look forward to placing our fine art objects in your home or office.


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